Human trafficking has become today's modern form of slavery. Our documentary "Amazing Grace: Freedom's Song" will lift the veil on global human trafficking through the compelling stories of survivors and advocates on the front lines of war with this $99 billion industry. Today over 60 million women, men and children have become victims of trafficking, but this isn't just a third world problem. Every 10 minutes, a woman or child is trafficked in America. And in Nigeria (1 of the 8 highest rates of trafficking), victims are exported to over 33 countries. So what fuels the 3rd largest global industry in 2 of the wealthiest countries in the world?


Join humanitarian and Change Rocks founder Yewande Austin on this riveting journey across America and Nigeria as she explores the factors that fuel trafficking in 2 countries bound by 400 years of slavery. Witness rarely seen moments working with human trafficking survivors, Boko Haram conflict refugees and local youth that live with the daily threat of being exploited by poverty as Yewande fights to restore the voices that have been silenced by oppression. "Amazing Grace" (Directed by award-winning filmmakers The Horne Brothers) will prove that each one of us has a song to sing...even in the middle of a real war zone. #IAMGRACEFILM

Amazing Grace: Freedom's Song

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